Torchiere Floor Lamps for Bedroom, Living Room

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  • Energy-saving and long lifespan; BoostArea insists on producing eco-friendly LED floor lamps to make efforts to protect the planet; BoostArea standing lamps adopt advanced built-in led beads (Not replaceable); the floor lamp is 9 Watts (equals to 60W traditional bulbs) and has a long lifespan(>50,000 hrs), emitting 900 lumens lighting; consuming 90% less energy and being more effective, this floor lamp will save you electricity bills as well as money and time for maintenance
  • 3000K natural light; BoostArea standing lamp emits 3000K warm white, highly simulated to natural daylight, which is perfect for working, reading, or other daily tasks; 3000K warm white lighting causes less eye stress and fatigue to better protect your eyes; besides, this tall lamp has a durable plastic lampshade with perfect light transmission, can also protect the led bulb from damage.

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6 reviews for Torchiere Floor Lamps for Bedroom, Living Room

  1. Brian

    Hey, Pinterest peeps this is a great lamp for the price, as an electrician, I can honestly say this will save money on my bill and will be super easy to install, I’m gonna buy one for my mom who needs a new one lamp. Highly recommend!! Also comes with a 12-month warranty.

  2. Valleystreamgirl

    Nice Lamp. I was a little unsure what to expect when I purchased this lamp. After putting it together (which was very easy) I was pleasantly surprised. It’s sturdy and the lighting is great! It’s sturdy enough and does a good job. It’s not fancy as far as design or decor is considered. It’s a basic lamp that’s simple to put together and work. I also had a small space to work with and the size of this lamp fits perfectly. No complaints.

  3. Cris

    Easy Lamp. Light bulb is a little weird, as it came installed already. Looks like you have to throw the lamp out once the bulb burns out but I guess I will deal with that 50,000 hours from now. Sturdy, bright, and easy to assemble.

  4. NervousHarpist

    Best thing I’ve bought off Amazon this year! This lamp was easy to put together and it looks really nice. I’m very impressed with it. It might be even better with a stronger brighter bulb in it, but I’m happy for now.

  5. Danny Natal

    i really like the lamp but it is discouraging to know that once the bulb goes out i have to get rid of the lamp i can not replace the bulb.. this is not a very good product if you can not continue to use it passed the supposed hours of life the bulb might have.. i have never bought a lamp before that i could not replace the bulb. ok this is the only down fall to this product..

  6. James Quinlan

    Easy to set up and looks great.Overall even though I wasn’t sure if I wanted a lamp that you could not replace the bulb I decided to go with this one anyway and I am glad I did. It was easy to setup, looks great in our living room, and gives out just the right amount and brightness of light to watch t.v. or read on my tablet. And for such a low price it is a very good looking Torchiere floor lamp and it matches well with the other one in the same room. In fact when that one does go I plan on replacing it with one of these lamps as well. And 50,000 hours of life? That’s a lot longer than regular bulbs and even some LED bulbs. So overall I think this is a great product for the price and I give it a 5-star rating.

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