Floor Lamp for Living Room, Standing Lamp for bedroom

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  • Sturdy Construction of Floor Lamp for Living Room: Heavy metal base enables whole tall floor lamp to stand firmly and safely, which is hard to fall down and safe to use in house containing children. The sturdy pole of the reading floor lamp is sturdy enough to support lamp shade, ensuring to stabilize whole standing lamp centrally and also save place appropriately. The finish of the entire lamp frame is of high quality and elegance.
  • Floor Lamp with Endurable Pedal Switch: The switch of bedroom floor lamp can be used for long without any functional problems and is initiated with feet conveniently. The pedal switch is still endurable and workable after being trodden over many times. You can control the lamp light without bowing, which saves your physical energy and time.

3 reviews for Floor Lamp for Living Room, Standing Lamp for bedroom

  1. Michelle

    Honestly, for the price point this lamp is pretty amazing. I love the minimalist design and the super easy install. Yes the lamp shade is put together with Velcro but seriously It doesn’t look bad at all, also it makes sense for the sake of packaging. Some of the reviews are hilarious cause the individuals screwed up putting the shade together then complained about the lighting… I had no issues putting it together and I didn’t even touch the instructions. It’s pretty simple:)

  2. Lisa Thornton

    This lamp is impressive. I was looking for a modern, simple floor lamp with warm light. I read through the reviews and was a little concerned when I saw multiple complaints that the lamp shade was defective. Ultimately, I liked the look of the lamp enough to take the risk and ordered.

    I couldn’t be happier. The lamp came in an alarmingly small box, but don’t panic. Because the lamp shade requires assembly (simple and straight forward), the lamp fits into a very small space. Genius packaging.

    The defect that people had mentioned in reviews was simply an assembly error that can be corrected if you carefully read the directions and follow the diagrams.

    The base is surprisingly heavy and easily anchors the lamp. Feels very sturdy.

  3. Chance

    I recently moved to a bigger apartment and had to buy more lamps. I got this one for my living room and it perfectly fits as i needed it to be.

    Very Nice Modern Look. The lampshade is perfectly sized and it gives a controlled bright indirect light to give a nice ambiance to the living room. The base of the lamp is also Sturdy and holds the lamp on the carpet floor with no issues.

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