Floor Lamps with Remote Control | 12 Best Remote Control Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps with Remote Control

Hey There, I am sure you are finding bright and beautiful remote control floor lamps for your home, so you are in the right place. Here we have reviewed the best 12 Floor lamps with remote control. These lamps are beautiful and of excellent quality; all these floor lamps will match your home decor; that is why you do not need to worry about the styles.

All these lamps I have reviewed below have great reviews on Amazon; without worrying, you can buy any of these floor lamps from this list. We have studied and researched these lamps before putting them on this list that’s why I can tell you all these floor lamps are perfect to buy because after purchasing any of these lamps you will say “wow beautiful lamp” You might think why we are so confident because we got many messages from our visitors; They all say that they are satisfied with the product they have bought after reading our reviews. Ok, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the best 12 Floor lamps with remote control:

#1. Led Floor Lamp with Remote and touch control

Led Floor Lamp with Remote and touch control

Remote control; You can stepless adjust the brightness and color temperature through the remote control within a range of 49.2 feet, and this is the right range of remote control, and this also more than enough to control. The lighting mode can be customized according to the different needs of the environment. In order to facilitate selection, there are six scenes on the remote control that can be adjusted by one click to the corresponding mode.
Customer Review: I love this lamp. It is attractive and has excellent features. Being able to control the color temperature is a nice feature. The assembly was a breeze, and the construction of the lamp feels solid. The remote is slim and has a nice solid feel. I like that it has magnets built-in for mounting on metal surfaces or on the lamp itself.


#2. Remote Switch Control Floor Lamp for Bedroom 

Remote Switch Control Floor Lamp for Bedroom

Elegant Decoration for the Bedroom: This modern LED floor lamps are particularly suitable for use at homes such as in your bedroom or living room. The lampshade is made of cotton and linen material and heat-resistant environmentally friendly PVC material, black metal lamp pole and lamp holder, suitable for various home styles, and can be cleaned. The light of the lampshade is soft, especially ideal for use in the bedroom, giving you a sweet sleep.  By the way, you can see these Black Arc Floor lamps we reviewed.

Customer Review: I was a little surprised when I received the product. Why is it so small? It feels like a small desk lamp. After I installed it, it was still quite tall and big. The installation is straightforward. It takes a few minutes, but remember to roll in the opposite direction when installing the lampshade. Because B accessory not in the box, and you don’t need it. The light is very warm and soft. I am pretty satisfied. The remote control lamp is too practical for lazy people. I love it!


#3. LED Floor Light with Remote Control

LED Floor Light with Remote Control

STEPLESS dimmable: You can adjust the color mode and brightness level of this floor lamp. This Dimmable led floor lamp follows a modern design. The bright standing lamp offers 5 Brightness Settings & 4 Color Temperatures of up to 700 Lumens, which is suitable for all room styles. Find the perfect light mode that best suits your needs.

Customer Review: it was kind of confusing to assemble, but we got it, lol. Overall I LOVE this lamp. The remote control of this floor lamp is a nice touch! I do not need a smart switch when I have a remote on my desk where I chose to put it. Personally I love being able to change the color and brightness. I wish the shade was white, but that’s really my only complaint. Once it was assembled and in use, it works great. Oh! BTW, it did NOT come with batteries for the remote, so have 2 AAA batteries on hand when ordering this.


#4. Floor Lamp, JOOFO Led Floor Lamp, Remote and Touch Control, 1 Hour Timer Reading Standing Lamp

LED Black Arc Floor Lamp, Remote & Touch Control

This lamp has 2 in 1 Smart Remote Control and Touch Control. You can easily control the floor lamp with the remote control without leaving the sofa and warm bed (with a 36ft/15m range). With the touch control, Stepless brightness adjustment(Brightness from 10% to 100%) by long touch. Stepless Dimming allows you to get the most comfortable brightness. It’s bright enough to meet your needs. It is perfect for a bedroom or storage room. And anti-glare lighting to avoid eye strain caused by flashing lights.

Customer Review: Fantastic product! Easy to set up. Simple and modern design, which matches well with my bedroom. Very convenient to regulate the light color and brightness with the remote!


#5. Led Floor Lamp,RGB Color Changing Mood Lighting Corner Lamp with Bluetooth App and Remote Control

Led Floor Lamp Lamp with Bluetooth App and Remote Control

Dimmable Floor Lights: Lashahope Corner led Lamp build-in premium RGB LED strip, with 16 million lighting colors and 300+ lamp modes, including RGB, rainbow-like color, daylight white. An excellent mood lamp creates the ideal ambiance; you can switch the light according to different scenes.

Customer Review: The light is fantastic! I love flipping through the lighting options. It was easy to put together, and with the slim frame and base, it can be placed just about anywhere in the room. The lights are bright but can be dimmed for nighttime. This Lamp will be excellent for a child’s nighttime light if they are scared of the dark.


#6. Floor Lamps with Remote & Touch Control

Torchiere Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading Lamp also Remote control

This is an adjustable Reading Lamp. It comes with two lamp heads with different functions, which are independently controlled, gives you the flexibility to turn on only one of the lamps or both based on your demand. The 20W main Lamp effortlessly brightens up the entire space of your room. The 5W side lamp with flexible gooseneck can be freely adjusted up and down within a certain distance, perfect for any task, For example, reading, working, or sewing.

Customer Review: This Lamp is the actual Lamp that I was looking for in my Studio Apartment. My walls are painted Navy Blue, so my two small table lamps did little to light up work areas. And there is no Light switch next to the Entry door. I had to walk halfway into my dark apt. to turn on a Lamp. This Standing Lamp was very easy to put together in minutes, and at 69, I have mobility and eyesight problems. The brightness levels and the fact that the Remote Control has a magnet that attaches to any metal surface are excellent. The sleek design matches any decor. The bottom is heavy enough, so the Lamp does not tip over. I am delighted with this Lamp. I will recommend buying this Lamp.


#7. HueLiv LED Floor Lamp, Reading Standing Lamp with Remote Touch Control 

HueLiv LED Floor Lamp, Reading Standing Lamp with Remote Touch Control

5 Colors Temperature & Stepless Dimming: HueLiv floor lamp has five different color adjustable temperature settings with stepless brightness adjustment from 3000 K to 6500 K, which creates warmth lighting for your environment or activity. Warm lights can bring you a sweet night; cool white lights can help you focus on working, reading, sewing, etc. Stepless Dimming allows you to get the most comfortable brightness for your daily life and work.

Customer Review: Love everything about this cool lamp! It’s just the right height for a reading lamp to adjust beside a chair. I love the very simple, low profile design; and all the choices from warm to cool light options, etc. The remote control is handy, too – the timer shut-off options were a great idea. I think I may purchase another!


#8. Oneach LED Floor Lamp Remote Control Frosted Glass

LED Floor Lamp Remote Control Frosted Glass

Unique Modern Design: This gold LED floor lamp has a unique and modern design that looks great with any decor. Its warm, light, and elegant design makes it a perfect match for various decors such as modern, minimalist, urban, contemporary, industrial, art deco, and mid-century modern. Impress your family and friends with this beautiful frosted glass globe lamp that will add artistic style to your space.

Customer Review: I must say you will absolutely love this lamp! For starters, it arrived quickly, was well packaged, and in perfect condition. Assembling the lamp was easy and only took a few minutes. The package included everything you need to enjoy the lamp immediately—the lamp, smart bulb, and remote control, except batteries for the remote. The lamp is dimmable and has warm and cool lighting. My absolute favorite is the remote control. It is easy to use, and I can adjust the ambiance in my room with just a few clicks. This lamp has features that have exceeded my expectation and look gorgeous in my space! I definitely recommend this lamp.


#9. White Fabric shade Floor lamp with remote control, Color changing floor lamps

White Fabric shade Floor lamp with remote control

This lamp has 7 colors changing and ten levels brightness and color temperature bulb: There are seven colors and three modes of changing frequency. The brightness and color temperature(2500k-6500k) of smart bulbs can be adjustable with ten levels. Besides, by colorful Bulbs, you can make a fantastic light effect. It can also add some soft ambiance to your darkroom during watching TV or having a chat.

Customer Review: The product arrived on time, it was easy to set up, and the quality/value good. Fun to set up the various lighting options. It’s the center of attention in my exercise room. I’m wondering about buying another one and recommend it.


#10. JOOFO Led Floor Lamp, Remote and Touch Control

JOOFO Led Floor Lamp, Remote and Touch Control

Lasts Longer, Shines Brighter: This lamp has 12W LED lights to provide 1000 lumens brightness (equivalent to a 150W incandescent lamp). The gentle, flicker-free light is no harm to your eyes. This floor lamp has a lifespan of 50 000+ hours and will save your electricity cost up to 80%; the awe-inspiring light is environmentally friendly and without heat pollution.

Customer Review: Daughters Dorm room, and she loves the lamp. You can adjust brightness, bend the lamp any way you want; he made it heavy, so it doesn’t rip, and the best is the remote control that has a magnet that you can leave on the actual light pole if you would like. Highly recommend!


#11. Floor Lamp, Remote Control with 4 Color Temperatures

Floor Lamp, Remote Control with 4 Color Temperatures

9W LED dimmable remote-control bulb is included with this lamp. This floor lamp adopts advanced remote-controlled light bulbs that can be remotely controlled within 49ft. It has stepless brightness and optional color temperature. Use the remote control to adjust the brightness by stepless from 5% to 100% and color temperature from 3000k to 6000k. The bulb design is replaceable, which means you can choose different lights to match the different scenes you need.

Customer Review: While looking for a floor lamp, I actually thought it was kind of silly to have a remote for a lamp and be able to change the lighting from cool to warm, have a dimmer, etc. But it seemed that all the lamps I was interested in had one, so I got this one. I found out that I love having the option! I also found out that the remote is magnetic, so it sticks right to the side of my table, and I don’t have to worry about losing it! The lamp was very easy to put together, and it is working like a dream. I’m very happy with my purchase.


#12. LED Floor Light with Remote Control Standing Lamp with Stepless Dimmer

LED Floor Light with Remote Control,Standing Lamp with Stepless Dimmer

This lamp is dimmable & color adjustable -Stepless dimming (brightness 20% – 100%), color adjustable (color 3000k – 6500k). This LED floor lamp creates a different atmosphere to suit your different lighting needs, making you feel warm, comfortable, and at home in any room.

Customer Review: We weren’t sure when we first ordered if this would be bright enough, but it’s perfect for our space! It’s not as tall as our past lamps have been, but it’s by far our favorite! The assembly was a little odd but not frustrating. I saw many reviews about setting the remote to the bulbs, but we had no trouble. It took me a minute! I would definitely recommend it!



Finally, You have read this review. Comment below that how was our review of Floor Lamps with Remote Control. I hope you have liked it because we have done so much research before putting a lamp on this list. And because of that, all lamps we have reviewed in this article are safe to buy, and we are confident that you will love the floor lamp you have ordered after reading our review. Yeah, this is pretty much it about Floor Lamps with Remote Control. If you like our review, please comment below on how you enjoyed it, and If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends so that they can be benefited too. Ok then see you in the next floor lamps review! If you want to see Black Floor Lamps to buy, You can visit our home page.

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